Paddy And Rice Screen Rice Mill

6N40-9FC20 Combined Rice Mill is mainly used for milling paddy into white rice and grinding rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, and straw to flour in family, farm, grain processing plant, etc. And it can directly separate the whole rice and broken rice, the separate rate is 90%. The compact structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.

1. Screen out all the impurities mixed in the rice paddy and make the procedure of preprocessing paddy rice much easier.
2. Adopts the patent to collect bran, and can separate rice and bran automatically.
3. The special design of rice outlet can separate broken rice from whole rice automatically.
4. The tooth claw type makes it more durable, and it is more suitable for small size grain, such as rice, wheat, corn, beans, and so on.
5. Customized screen mesh can control the size of flour that you want.
5. Customized the machine color, and we could design a non-standard machine to satisfy your special requirement.